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How our Ballpark Offers work

Do you want to get a quick, no-commitment, hassle-free ballpark offer on your home in Watsonville, over the phone or via text message? If you’re like many of our clients, at this point you don’t necessarily want a formal, written offer on your home. You’d be more interested in getting a ballpark offer, to see if the price our buyers would offer for your Watsonville home is within the range of what you might accept.

  • Get an Ballpark Offer price range in minutes over the phone, or even via text message – no muss, no fuss, and no obligation whatsoever.
  • No visit is required to your home!
  • Simply confirm a few details about your home and tell us about the condition, upgrades, and amenities
  • With the information you provide, and our knowledge of real estate prices and market trends, we can give you a quick ballpark offer – in minutes!

Our ballpark offer on your Watsonville home is just the ticket for many people who have only begun to explore the sale of a home. It’s an easy way to learn about the process of selling to a direct cash-buyer quickly and easily off market, and getting an informal estimate of how much such an offer would be for – as well as a discussion of the terms such as the number of days before you’d want the sale to close, and the possibility of a rent back once the property has been sold.

We have a deep and wide network of home buyers all throughout the Watsonville and South County area. We have multiple buyers for any home, in any location, in any price range. Our ballpark offer will give you a narrow but estimated and approximate range within which we’re confident at least one of our buyers would be able to make on your home in today’s Watsonville real estate market.

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Does the home need repairs? Clean-up? No problem! Just move out, hand us the keys, and we’ll hand you a check at closing.

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