How To Use The Internet to Sell Your Home in the Bay Area

How To Use The Internet to Sell Your Home in the Bay Area
How To Use The Internet to Sell Your Home in the Bay Area

Now, more than ever, people are finding success selling their homes online. But with the online marketplace being so hot, you are likely to face some stiff competition! We have put together our favorite tips to help you stand out and sell your home fast!

Go Where The Buyers Are:

When listing your property for sale, it’s important to choose the right online listing portals. One way to determine which portals to use is to search for listings in your area and see which sites show up at the top of the search results. Often, Zillow and Trulia are among the top sites, as they have a strong understanding of how to generate real estate traffic. Even if you don’t advertise with them, your property is likely to be picked up by these major sites when listed on the MLS.

There are services available that can syndicate your listing to multiple top sites, saving you the trouble of having to enter your information on each site individually. However, it’s important to ensure that your listing appears accurately on all the sites where it has been syndicated. Sometimes, automation can cause the data to become jumbled, which can lead to inaccurate or incomplete listings. Therefore, it’s essential to check each site where your listing appears and make any necessary updates or corrections. By showcasing your property effectively across multiple top listing portals, you can increase your chances of finding interested buyers and ultimately selling your property at a desirable price.

Consider Premium Listings:

Properties that appear at the top of search results on major real estate websites are often sponsored or paid for by the property owners or agents. Paying for a top spot can help increase your property’s visibility and generate more interest. However, it is important to weigh the cost against the potential benefits and make an informed decision about whether it is worth it for your specific situation.

Create a Property Specific Website:

Creating a website dedicated to your property can be a creative and effective way to attract potential buyers online. Starting a basic website and domain doesn’t require a large investment. By optimizing your website with high-quality content and attractive imagery, you can create a compelling online presence that competes with larger real estate advertisers.

Use Amazing Photos:

The importance of good photography cannot be overstated when it comes to selling your house. The photos of your home are often the first thing that potential buyers will see and can make or break their interest in further exploring your property. It is crucial to ensure that the photos used to represent your home are of high quality and showcase your property in the best possible light. Make sure that your house is spotless and well-organized before the photographer arrives. It’s important to remove any clutter, personal items, or anything that could distract from the features of your home. If necessary, consider hiring a professional organizer to help declutter and organize your space. Take a look at other listings in your area to see what kind of photos are being used to showcase their properties. Professional photos tend to stand out and catch the eye of potential buyers. Cell phone photos or poorly lit images taken from the street are not likely to generate much interest. Remember that the photos should aim to highlight the best features of your property, such as a spacious kitchen or a beautiful backyard. In summary, hiring a professional photographer is worth the investment when it comes to creating a positive first impression of your home.

Use an Accurate Description of the Property:

Provide a thorough and truthful description of your property, including any potential drawbacks and attractive features. Highlight any recent upgrades or renovations, such as a new roof, and emphasize the positive aspects of the home, like a spacious and well-lit kitchen. Don’t forget to mention the details that might appeal to specific buyers. Accuracy and attention to detail are crucial in the property description.

Watch Your Words:

When people are house hunting, the listings can all begin sounding alike and running together. A lack of adjectives will cause every property to be “beautiful” and “cozy.” Don’t blend in with the crowd! Use colorful language to make your listing stand out from the rest. Don’t just gloss over the ad, using generic words to describe your property.

Use Data To:

Acquiring, understanding and using data will almost guarantee you a quick sale. Using data, you will be able to:

  • Run comps of recently sold properties in the area.
  • Locate and contact the best agents in town. Online reviews will ensure you find the agent that is best for you!
  • Study market trends for real estate in your area. Ask questions such as: when is the best time of year to sell my the Bay Area house? What are the current buyer demographics?

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